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She is an artist who explores tactile dimensions through painting & embellishment.

2014-02-20 08.56.51.jpg

Artist, Designer & Mother based in Mahurangi,Aotearoa. She is interested in the tactile, visual mapping of intangible places and ideas. 

Shayna's practice explores place, tactility, and the senses by juxtaposing materials and textures to create her works. She is passionate about 'Craft' and the beauty in organic execution. She specifically explores traditional textile materials and techniques of beading, embroidery, weaving, and stitching linked to her own heritage to create controlled/abstract narratives and spatial compositions. The importance of negative space in her compositions is paramount as the concept of visually communicating mathematical ideas such as "large and small infinities" and their links to time, space, and heritage drives her current body of works.

"I am drawn to consider the long-form practice of craft and making, handed down to me by my mother, and my grandmothers, seen as one continuous practice. Where and when did it start? how does it evolve? what links and separates us? And as I have passed the baton through teaching who will continue this making into a future time and place"

2015 - Typography from afar                 •          Stockroom Gallery Kyneton

2020 - The moon the Sea and me          •          Studio Home Christchurch

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